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ZC GL-570 RGB Illuminated Gaming Headset


- Speakerr: 40 mm

- Impedance : 20+/-2 Ω

- Sensitivity: 118 dB +/- 3 dB

- Frequency Range: 18 Hz-20 kHz

- THD:<=0.1%

- Rated Power: 5mW

- Max Power: 20mW


- Microphone size: 6*2.7mm

- Sensitivity: -54 dB +/- 3 dB

- Directivity : Omni-Directional

- Impedance: <=2.2KΩ

- Frequency range:   50 Hz-15 kHz

- Cable length: 1.8M

USB 7.1, Surround sound, external noise reducing, brings you small family theater experience.

Flexible high-performance condenser microphone can be accurately positioned

40mm speaker, high sensitivity without distortion,
High rated input power, 20 mW, Max 30 mW, fully ensures the power consumption of the headphone.

Super comfortable wearing, stretchable head band, high quality memory foam cotton covered by high imitation protein leather.

Ultra light weight, no burden for long time wearing

In-line controller, Controllable LED, voice chat and game sound volume adjustment.

Cool RGB light, enhance the atmosphere of the game

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